Alum-A Lift
Integrated Ideas
PresSure Products Inc

BUILD-SMART models span the lifting capacity range of over 250 lbs. to 500 lbs. Depending upon the load and its mass center, lifting heights of 96" are available.
Its construction is robust, with reinforced mast sections, bases and legs.
As with ALUM-A-LIFT constructions, BUILD-SMART is modular and configured to perform the intended task.
With heavier loads and taller targets, end effecters are often powered: Examples include powered pushers and pullers, dumpers, fluid dispensers, clamps and articulating mechanisms. With such powered end effecters, safety devices may be included such as pendant controls with three button operation or two hand operated palm switches.
The BUILD-SMART construction is often used for specially designed, height-adjustable mobile work stations, This use is a low-cost alternative to fixed path, inflexible single channel conveyances, production and assembly lines. Eliminated are non-value adding material handling or transfer activities. Flexible (non-dedicated) layout minimizes queuing, eliminates imbalance and forced delays, while accommodating short runs and changing priorities with lower in-process inventories. A wide range of special effecters includes manipulators affording access to four sides of assemblies, lazy susans, tilts, roller decks, ball transfers and inverters. With a wide range of height adjustability, ergonomic working conditions are afforded to a wide population while standing or seated.
For heavier and especially delicate on expensive loads, a load sensing device is available. In the event of an over-load, or when an obstacle is encountered, the device shuts down the machine. With the standard, power-off brake, travel is arrested quickly to avoid damage.