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PresSure Products Inc

Screen Printing
The launch of the new VERSAPRINT printing machines is a world premiere that will re-defi ne SMT production. The revolutionary Line Scan Technology (LIST) camera (patent pending) and the TRT (Triple Rail Transport) represents the core competence of this new printer: true time savings via optimized parallel processing, 100 % post print AOI integrated into the machine, as well as the maximum in machine capability for the minimum fl oor space requirement.

Selective Soldering
Excepted as the world leader in in-line selective soldering, ERSA is now proud to introduce the third generation of VERSAFLOW machines. Market research indicated that improved machine accuracy, modular design allowing for machine extensions, increased throughput and decreased floor space requirements are being demanded by our customers. Increasing production efficiency remained a primary goal which was achieved during R&D.

Reword & Repair
Now for almost a decade, over 5,000 operators worldwide continue to benefit from ERSA's patented, safe IR rework technology. In addition to an outstanding Cost/Price ratio, the ERSA IR/PL 550 and IR/PL 650 have established their position in the market as being able to handle the toughest rework applications where other rework machines often fail.

Hand Soldering
The successful launch of the world's most advanced digital soldering station, the ERSA ICON (patent pending), is now being augmented to include a complete line of stations. A dual tool station can either be used with two I-Tool soldering irons or with specialty tools for SMD or PTH removal, the ERSA Chip Tool or the ERSA X-Tool. Finally, a "communication" version can either be used with a robotic soldering maching or can automatically turn on/off an ERSA solder fume extraction system.

Optical Inspection
The ERSASCOPE 2 now uses megapixel, digital USB 2.0 camera technology offering up to 400 % more resolution! Enhanced images allow for increased clarity when zooming to higher magnifications, especially when using the revolutionary Flip Chip optical lens! Superior picture quality, increased light sensitivity and plug & play ease of use with USB 2.0 technology are the value added advantages. Finally, a new Metal Halide Light Source offers a brighter white light and a mechanical iris adapter for the additional gooseneck lighting with 2 standard fiber optic light brushes.